About us

The company was born in Milan in 1985 with the name Mamiya Trading and immediately concentrated on professional specialized photography. In January 2010 the company definitely changes its name to Mtrading.
The first name brand distributed is dedicated to professional photographic cameras: Mamiya.
We remember with great pleasure an exceptional end user, the photographer Oliviero Toscani (one of most important Italian photographer).
Subsequently in 1986, Mamiya has acquired another important name brand, which is recognized in the photographic world for its professionalism and quality of its products.
The brand is the noted Japanese company called Sigma for which it distributes Reflex Camera flashes and Lenses.
In line with the consolidation of distributing products belonging to the photographic world, it also acquires the distribution of Hama products; Hama is a German name brand, European leader in the manufacturing of photographic accessories.
Thanks also to this new brand the company confirm its place in the Italian market also making itself the sole distributor of the mentioned brands.
In 1990 there was a further evolution of the commercial activity in the consumer electronics mass market with the acquisition of the exclusive distribution of HAMA’s other accessory products, such as pc, video, audio, multimedia and phones. This choice made the company commitment towards a new development in its distribution method with the main focus on adequate logistic services for its customers.
In fact, thanks to the considerable increment of products, the company delocalized its logistic location into a more open structure in order to answer to the various changes of the market and the several market’s needs, also to cover all the Italian territory more efficiently.
The company was born in Opera Milan in 1985 with the name Mamiya Trading and immediately concentrated on professional specialized photography. In January 2010 the company definitely changes its name to Mtrading.
Applying a no political conflict of sales between name brands represented, Mtrading acquires in the following years various brands, with new products in order to satisfy the ever growing end user big demands.
In 2004 the company adds among its suppliers, SanDisk brand for the distribution of its memory storage media.
In 2006 Hama develop a new Brand Xavax, a range of products dedicated to the home living (small house and accessories appliance, Cleaning and Care, ecc…).
In 2008 Thomson came in, to be part of the exclusive distributed products of Mtrading, the type of products are audio and video accessories (antennas, universal remote controls, headphones, earphones, microphones).
In 2011 Tecnoware aggregates itself with their, back UPS unit and filtered plugs.
Since 2015 it has been distributing SDA accessories for Electrolux, Mamy and digital TV products for Humax.
In 2017 Mtrading adds Samsonite with Bags and Covers for Notebook, Fresh ‘n rebel (audio headphones and speakers) and Western Digital (HDD).
In 2018 starts distributing new Brand  Pioneer DJ (professional audio components).
In 2019 starts develop new Brand Philips (storage).
In 2020 Mtrading adds the Zhiyun Brand for the distribution of products with a professional stabilization system (gimbal) and Sitecom (multimedia accessories).
Since March 2021 starts develop Kodak (digital photoframe and Instant Camera).

The points of strength that the company has maintained and constantly offers to its clients, underlines the philosophy of its Management.
An ethical approach in dealing with suppliers, clients and collaborators; the spirit of initiative and determination, in furnishing optimal solutions for purchasing and sales.
Continuous market researches, updating and innovation in the use and support of computers and automation. In the end the logistic distribution system efficiency, all over the Italian territory, that furnishes an on time and precise service.
The objective always remains the same, to grow and consolidate our clients trust and expand the presence of the name brands all over the Italian territory.