Founded in 1989 by a driving group of engineers, Humax continues to furnish advanced products and services. With more than 10years of experience in the electronic hardware field, software engineering and client assistance Humax has developed quality products to satisfy the requests of different markets.  It has always focused on following the trend of its sector and the effects produced mirroring the needs of all the customers. At present Humax is one of the world largest sector producer for set-top box and it exports its own products into more than 90 countries in the world. Compared to the other consumer electronic companies, Humax is specialized in the technology of digital TV, which has allowed it to keep a solid position in the market. It has always tried to stay a step ahead of the other competitors defining the PVR set-top box market and in high definition and combining these two elements in our last product (DIGIMAX/TIVUMAX). Research and development are the keys of Humax’s success, they guarantee the launch of innovative, and futuristic products of very high quality with the aim to make accessible to everyone the new platform of digital contents to all. Humax has been the leader for the development of the global market of digital TV establishing strong business partnerships with the sector operators and broadcasting stations to achieve the best TV experience. In Europe, the company has been actively busy in several key initiatives like switchover tests in 2006 in UK or the launch of the high definition (HD) service by Premiere. Recently in UK Humax has been the first on line to launch the digital Freesat TV service and for the launch of the Freeview HD service.


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