Since 1994, we’ve designed DJ technology of the highest quality in the industry – products that inspire originality and artistry, and can withstand intense use in the harsh environments of clubs and festivals around the globe. We’re committed to ensuring all our future products achieve these levels of innovation and quality as our company grows.
In the same way there are various genres of music, there are also countless different styles of DJing. Diversity is the lifeblood of creativity in our industry and highly valued in our employees. To help us continue to be a leader in this fast-changing market, we want our employees to grow with the company and express their talent and creativity.
Commitment to diversity and the development and manufacture of high-quality products and services is in our DNA. With a united team behind us, we will continue to go ‘Beyond the Music’ – we invite you to join us and share in the enjoyment and excitement that a deeper, richer musical experience can bring.

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